'We continue to be very grateful to you...By the time we said goodbye, Ben had come to the realisation that in discussing 'Big and Small' nothing unpleasant actually occurred, and in fact he could control his Fear himself, rather than Fear controlling him. His confidence has been growing in leaps and bounds since Christmas.'

Mr R


'My two boys - Charlie age 11 and Douglas age 10 - and I enjoyed two professional family therapy sessions with Sarah and Rob as part of working through our family divorce. I arranged appointments by email and found the therapy rooms in a beautiful setting with the coast in the distance..... it all helps at times of stress... Sarah and Rob were both there to welcome us.... and helped us all feel at ease with what became a very useful time put aside for processing of thoughts and emotions..... Douglas, on the morning after the second session summed it all up by saying :

' Mum, you did the right thing taking us to talk with Sarah and Rob - thank you' .

Dr S


'Many thanks for seeing X. You have been extremely helpful. As you yourself have noticed, he has definitely become more calm and your input...seems to have worked tremendously. As I said, he has not lost his temper at all for over 2 months now - this was unheard of in the past. I think it does give hope! Now the fact that he can speak of it openly to me has really really helped us both. We both feel able to cope better with the future and it has strengthened our relationship.'

'Whatever misgivings you may have about counselling - it certainly worked miracles for my partner's anger management even though I had my doubts that it would, Rob was excellent - it was as if a balloon had burst and all my partner's anger had burst and disappeared with it'.